What our customers say about us

  • Thanks so much for the wonderful adventure last weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see why people want to do the full day tour. I will be sure to get my husband out next! We appreciated your instruction, availability and it is obvious you love it! Graet to meet young James. We wish you the best! Thanks again for a delightful day on the trails.

  • What a great day and thanks for the taking the wonderful FREE photo’s. I was amazed at the quality, they’re the best I’ve seen in awhile!!

  • Thanks again for a wonderful day on the ATVs … and we really are dreaming of going again with you (hopefully this winter) …. if not then, maybe next spring. Thanks for sending the photos

  • Thanks for a great day of training, the facility and the track are excellent and are exactly like the terrain we would be riding on.

  • Becky E
  • We recently celebrated a top sales performer within our organization by taking him and 3 colleagues out to an event of their choice. Unlike most, who choose golf, this individual chose an afternoon ATV tour through Hidden Trail Adventures. What an incredible afternoon of adrenaline, high velocity fun complimented by some fantastic mountain views and great company. The guides knew their way around the vehicles and the area. All in all it was one of the best offsite events I’ve attended, I look forward to bringing a larger group back. Thanks so much for your assistance and your commitment to customer satisfaction. I can’t wait to get our pictures from the event … yet another added bonus !! Thanks again guys !!

    Regional Sales Manager, Western Region
  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful day. The adventure was great, the food incredible and the host and hostess wonderful people. Brent, Ryan and Scott had a wonderful time and plan to make this a yearly event. You made their weekend great. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you next year.

    Brent and Joanne Robson
  • We truly had a wonderful time riding on Sunday!! Thanks, once again for showing us just how gorgeous it is in your “backyard”. . . you are so lucky to live and work around such scenery. And your friendly company was also a highlight of the day. . . Thanks, you both are such terrific hosts and honestly, most of the reason we keep coming back to ride. That and of course, the rice crispy squares!!!—Who can resist one of those?! Sorry for eating them all. We also love riding your Polaris quads. It is such a great way to see and feel what a particular machine is like and I for one really like your line up and also appreciated the ride on the X2 — and loved it (someday I’d like to ride a 700 or 800 X2 just to feel the difference). I really value opinions from both of you re: which quads are the best and what’s their weakness as a machine. I’ve always loved quads and rode everyday as a kid on the farm, but now that I’m a “grown-up” who works too much, going riding again really brings me back to the good old days when you just didn’t have a care in the world. What a great way to spend the day!!! Thanks for everything and see y’all next year. . .Thanks for taking the pictures on the trail — looking forward to seeing them. . . thanks for sending them to us.

    Lyndon and Amanda Johnston
  • My fiance and I have done multiple ATV tours in the past, but this one surpassed them all BY FAR! We decided on the all full day trip, but it was still too short. Everything was perfect, from the weather, to lunch, to our tour guide (Pete). We saw majestic mountains, lots of MUD and overall, had a BLAST! I definitely recommend Hidden Trails, and go for the gusto�.book the full day event, it is well worth it.

    Shanda Cuccio & Paul Konnik , St. Louis, MO
  • Thanks again for the phenomenal tour on Saturday! Alicia and I both loved it! Great day, great equipment, great hosts!

    Vincent & Alicia
  • We were totally impressed not only with the beauty of the mountains and the thrill of the mud but by your professionalism. The trails themselves offered extreme diversity and your keeness in learning quickly our limitations guaranteed safety, yet allowed us to experience the thrill we were each seeking. Your personal picture taking touch on our day allows us to remember the reason for the occasion. We came away with a new respect for the powerful and awesome machines we rode on and yet still totally surprised at how user friendly they were. These machines made for an exhilarating and invigorating ride and at the end of the day we came away feeling that we had “experienced the best ride ever” and in addition had made “new friends”.

    Joan and Brian Yung Blackfalds, Alberta
  • I just wanted to drop you a note, Peter and Jan, for the great day we had Oct. 6, 2005. First off I really appreciate your patience as far as rescheduling my group and accommodating our schedules. As discussed prior to the trip I had a varied range of riders. . .a couple of experienced “extreme trail blazers through to a couple gravel road, Saskatchewan prairie flat land, cow chasing riders”. Enroute home we recounted the day’s activities and everyone exclaimed what a great time they all had. The experienced riders had a good time and the flat land rookies may have been convinced to get into this exciting past time. From the muskeg and water holes to the scenery, hospitality and lunch – it was a great day. The equipment we rode was second to none – adequate power and smooth ride added to the whole package. We will definitely be coming back to Cochrane in the future with other clients that enjoy the outdoors and when we do we will definitely be stopping at Hidden Trails for another great day of quadding. Thanks again Peter and Jan for showing my customers and I a great time.

    Rick Kawa | Inter Ag
  • I just had to mail you upon my return to the UK after a fantastic double visit to your facility. Our first visit when Gareth and I took a half day trail out into the snowy foothills should have been enough for anyone, but being thrill junkies we just had to come back for a full day customised outing, this time with Jonathoan just 3 days later. We had what was probably the best off road experience of our lives and I have done some amazing locations in the last 30 years. We appreciate your effort to placate our constant pleading for more extreme riding and boy did you satisfy that demand! Thanks for a really warm Geordie-Canadian welcome and truly a once in a lifetime experience – except I did it twice!

    Jeff Randall UK
  • I’d like to thank Jan and Pete for the awesome quad ride we had today! It was my girlfriend’s first time on a quad and they both helped in building her confidence throughout the journey. The scenery on the trails is breathtaking at times to say the least and there is a good balance of terrain throughout. Jan and Pete are some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. Friendly, warm and genuine, a rare find in hosts these days. . . All that said, the level of professionalism throughout the trip from the duo was unmatchable and timely. I have already started recommending Hidden Trails as THE place to go for ATV touring. I know Annie and I will be going on a full day trip very soon. We hope to see you there! Thanks again Jan and Pete and Happy Quadding!

    Luc and Annie
  • Anticipation and excitement…that’s how I felt when I found out I was going on a quad/ATV tour with Hidden Trails Adventures. I had gone quadding once before and had a fabulous time…my full day tour with guides Pete and Bryan was a million times better. The terrain was absolutely breathtaking! We drove through alpine meadows blooming with wildflowers, up steep hills and huge muddy bogs. Thank goodness I was outfitted from head to toe in waterproof clothing and rubber boots. Who knew being muddy could be so much fun? My sincerest thanks to Pete and Bryan for being the best guides ever! They were attentivie, careful, helpful, intelligent and funny…they made me feel instantly comfortable and safe. I can’t remember the last time I smiled or laughed so much. I would recommend ATV touring with Hidden Trails Adventures to anyone. It’s an experience you’ll never forget and you’ll want to come back…SOON! Thanks again,

    Dajana Fabjanovich
  • As you remember, my friend Robert and I took a half day trip with you this previous Saturday. I would like to thank you and Bryan for not only reserving our trip on such short notice, but for also giving us a very customized, enjoyable day. Like many people that may visit your website or inquire about ATV tours from other companies, I was under the impression that we would be spending our time in the foothills of the Rockies. I was pleasantly surprised when we ended up in the Rockies just outside of Banff National Park. The scenery was spectacular and getting to those spots was more than half the fun. Thanks again for a great tour and I’ll see you early next year when I have more visitors from Texas,

    Jerry Hines
  • I just wanted to say that the day spent out on the trails was absolutely wonderful. Better than what any doctor could have ordered… All the stress and pressures of city live disappeared for the entire day. I will definitely be returning on a regular basis. You run a extremely professional operation and I would not hesitate to recommend this adventure to anyone as an amazingly therapeutic experience. Thank you and I’ll see you soon,

  • Hey, I am the girl from Alabama that had never driven a quad. Almost 2 weeks ago was my first time on one and we took the trip to Margaret Falls. It was sensational!!! I have recommended several people come and I have shown all my photos which were great!!! Thanks so much for your tour and the rolls were great!!! I had the time of my life. My friend is looking at me in a new light now that I was able to master the quad and fair the mud so well.

  • A great way to see parts of a unique landscape. We had lots of fun challenging the capabilities of the ATV’s. The whole day was an enjoyable adventure.

    Ged and Colin
  • Thank you both and Bryan (the wagon master) for a great day of quading at “Hidden Trails”. It was an experience to remember. We had loads of fun. The food was really excellent and essential to a great day “Out on the Trail”. Thanking you all.

    George Brown
  • We are writing to let you know how much fun we had ATV-ing with you and Steve! We figured it would be great, but we were blown away at how awesome it was. All five of us were brand new riders and you put us at ease immediately and let us get the hang of riding. We saw memorable views all around us, went through huge mud holes, climbed up and down mountains, but the experience of being in the wide open Canadian wilderness was the most spectacular for us suburban folk! Our friends can’t believe we did this and Mike is still bragging about what a cool “quad-er” he is!! Thanks for your hospitality and we will always remember our day in Cochrane!

    Karen and Bud McCann
  • I would like to say thank you for the ATV Course. It was almost fun. Also I would like to thank you for taking me in on such short notice and by myself. You really helped me out of a jam. Looking forward to doing the course again with you, but next time I’m bringing the crew. See you soon

    David Wilson
  • Pete and Jan – thank you for the great ADVENTURE last weekend and what an adventure it was. From the rain, snow and sunshine all in one day to the mud, slick trails and water crossings, all was simply exhilarating. Add to that the service (humor and local info) provided by the guides themselves and the experience gets even better. Now throw in some of the best vantage points on the planet and you have a Hidden Trails Adventure that you will remember a lifetime. I highly recommend to anyone looking for something different.

    Derrick Vetter
  • Bryan – thanks for the pictures. We had a great time quadding on Sunday. In fact, we’re going to buy a couple of machines and are really looking foward to our own adventures in quadding this summer! You and Peter were good hosts and guides and you will hear from us before too long regarding the certification course, once we can decide who gets to take it. Thanks again.

    John and Lynn
  • I would like to say on behalf of our group, thank you to Jan and Pete for our brilliant quadding experience. Their hospitality is second to none along with their professionalism and above all, it was a fun course. It was good to see the more remote areas on the edge of the Rockies with the undisturbed wildlife. We had 3 people that have never ridden and 3 who have, our course was customized to accommodate both capabilities and had fun challenges thrown in. When we return to Cochrane we will be coming back for another adventure, only it will be a full day next time. Thank you again.

    James Richardson, England
  • Just wanted to drop you a line to say that we had an amazing time on the ATV trips. This was a sure way to see the real Canada, places and views we would never have imagined were possible and the memories are ones that I will cherish for years to come. Thanks again.

    Gareth Burgess | Senior First Officer | First Choice Airways UK
  • Just a quick email to say thanks very much for an unforgettable experience! I think the only word to sum the day up is “Awesome”!! We all agreed that the day we spent with you on the quads was by far the highlight of the week for us! As I said I’ve been quadding in the UK, but this was just a totally different experience altogether. I don’t think it can really be expressed in words, you have to experience it for yourself first hand. Your professionalism and enthusiasm made it such an enjoyable day! We will be back, hopefully sometime next winter. Take care

    Jon Davies, Cardiff Wales UK